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I am so glad you're here. 

My name is Kat Artemis and I am a Thought Coach and a Wayshower.

I created DirectedThoughts to show you the path to inner happiness and peace, how to connect with your source, and how to love yourself. 


Every day, we consume images and words that scare us, depress us, traumatize us, cause us to feel unsafe, unloved, unworthy, and disconnected from life. This negativity comes at us from every direction with how scary and depressing the world is, how we are not good enough, how sick and unhealthy we are, and how the next major disaster is lurking just around the corner. We have relationship issues, money problems, and job insecurity. For so many of us, life is a never-ending assault on our thoughts and emotions from which we rarely get a break.


I passionately want to teach the world how to replace anxiety, fear, depression, and other negative thoughts with real love and joy! 


The DirectedThoughts framework was designed to help you immediately put a stop to the toxic thoughts on loop in your mind and move into a place of power and positivity. Using ten simple steps as your guide, you’ll learn how to redefine and heal painful memories, trust your inner voice, and intentionally manifest your best life with love and gratitude leading the way.


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Ten Steps to DirectedThoughts

They may seem simple, but each of the Ten Steps to DirectedThoughts wield their own power. Put even one of these concepts into practice, and transformation will be inevitable. Read that again!


Ready to create the life you want?

This book is your partner in self-discovery. In this thought-provoking guide, you’ll find powerful insights, techniques, and exercises to help you tap into the full power of your mind and take inspired action.  


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