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Your Life is a Mirror

When you focus on love and treat yourself accordingly, your life is a mirror that reflects those feelings back to you.

This way of thinking has done more for me than just about anything. It sounds all gushy and fluffy but this is absolutely 💯 for real.

When I lived in self judgment, I never felt good enough. It was a constant battle.

Opportunities that came my way were fleeting. My energy was closed down and resistant because I didn’t believe that I was worth any opportunity coming my way.

My attitude caused people to think I was unkind or aloof, but I was just wrapped up in my own self doubt. What I saw in those people was a reflection of my own lack of self worth being mirrored right back to me.

And I blamed them. And it always felt terrible!

But it was my own thoughts that were the problem.

I finally realized that life was reflecting back to me how I was consistently feeling inside.

So I raised my self worth a little at a time and then my life started to reflect how I was thinking about myself.

Relationships changed. Some relationships were strengthened when I raised my energy. Some people just went away. I knew I had to let go of anyone who did not match my loving energy.

I learned that when I change my energy, the energy around me changes to mirror what I am feeling, thinking, and being. People change, situations change, opportunities change. All to match me.

So no matter what happened in my past, I can change my life when I change how I think.

Now that is powerful!

You can do it too. It is all in your thoughts which are the energy you put into the world.

It doesn’t always happen overnight but what is mirrored back to you will start as quickly as you change how you are feeling and hold that feeling day after day. If you fall off the wagon, let it go, get back up, and start loving yourself again quickly.

Your life is a reflection of what is inside of you. You have to BE what you want to see.

This is the key to all the good you are looking for! ♥️♥️♥️

Love you!! Xoxo


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