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You Always Have A Choice

The best thing about life is that if you don’t like what you are getting, you can choose something else.

Transforming your life is not about waking up one day and having everything different.

Transformation comes one choice at a time.

And that’s very manageable because if you make the wrong choice, you can choose better in the next moment.

Small individual choices based on the intent of being happy will create a happy life.

Does it happen immediately? No. But will you create a happy and peaceful life if that is your intent with your thoughts, reactions, and words? Yes.

I am living proof. I had to make hard choices in my life in order to be happy.

And they didn’t feel good at the time but I knew the outcome would eventually bring the happiness that I want and deserve in this lifetime.

It is the intention that I have and so that is how I live.

And you can do it too. Anyone can.

The choice and intention to be who you want to be

is available to you right now and it will transform your life if you let it.


Love you! Xoxo


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