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Want to get into a Positive Mindset Quickly?

Fighting for a positive outcome rarely works. Fighting is exhausting. Fighting is full of resistance. A positive outcome begins with allowing things to be as they are and shifting your thoughts to creating something new and better.

Allow everyone and everything to be just as they are in this one moment. The end... Um, say what???

Yes, it is true, it is this "easy". Allow people to just be who they are. If they are rude, let them be rude. If they are difficult, let them be difficult. If they are sabotaging their success, let them. Whatever they are doing, let them. Whatever is going on, let it be. Your ego will say you can’t just “allow” this because (name any reason). But, I am here to tell you that you really can allow everyone to be as they are with no control or resistance from you. That sounds crazy I know! When you become an allower, you “let” everyone feel how they feel and get the outcomes they are getting with no judgment from you (everyone is on their own path anyway). When you do this, you will find relief in your own thoughts. This is not the same as saying "Okay, do what you want and get what you deserve!" Being an allower is more like "I lovingly support how you treat yourself and your life. I support your lessons through whatever consequences you might have. I, too, own my consequences for my actions. I understand we are each on our own path and I choose to focus on mine." Being an allower opens up the space you need to feel free and happy right where you are. Think about it: If you don't have to resist all the other annoying people around you, you would probably be pretty happy. You can deal with you. It is everyone else that weighs you down. I once had many really bad months due to my resistance to someone who was trying to sabotage me in so many ways. There were honestly more knives in my back than I could count. And they just kept coming! I would go home at night and stew. I would lose sleep thinking about how she was doing this or doing that. I was trying so hard to control the outcome of what she "was doing to me". It was horrible, honestly.

Finally, I realized that I was full of defensiveness and resistance. I was not being an allower at all. I was trying hard to control her behavior, minimize outcomes, and dodge those knives. So, I just stopped. I stopped all of it. Let the knives land. Let her have her way. Let it all just be. I turned my attention to ME. I turned my attention to how I choose to feel. I took control of my thoughts. I deleted her from my mind and my emotions. I gave no energy to her--- no resistance, no support, nothing. I made her invisible to me in my mind. When I had to see her, I simply sent her love and support for whatever consequences she was creating for herself and then went on with my day. It only took two weeks for her to go away. Because I removed her from my thoughts and then allowed her to be as she was, the energetic attraction was gone. And, because I did it through love, I walked away unscathed. Not one knife in my back made one difference! I just allowed it all to be and focused my thoughts on what I wanted for me. Want to do it? 1. Get into the moment- no past or future (they are not real anyway). 2. Pull your energy back from the person who is igniting your resistance, fear, anger, or negativity and allow them and everything to just be as they are with no help from you. 3. Think about just you, what you want, how you want to feel. Write it down. And then every time you feel negativity bubbling up against that person, refer back to how you want to feel. NOTE: Your ego will hate this. So much. Your ego will want to mentally fight against this. That person should "get what they deserve," or "that person can't treat me this way"! But honestly, do you really want to teach them a lesson or just stew about it? If you want to feel better, you have to choose better. You have to choose the positive path because you cannot get a positive result from a negative action or thought. If you choose happiness, peace, joy, and love, then you become an allower in your thoughts, wish them well on their path. Move on and do it for your PEACE of mind! Otherwise, you make that person more important than YOU.

When you remove all the stuff in your mind that is going “wrong” around you, you give yourself an instant positive energy boost and from there you can create positive outcomes for you. It’s not about “them”. Stay in your moment. Allow it all to just be. Create from that state of mind. Positive thoughts bring positive results. Like attracts like, every time! Love you! Xoxo 💙​


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