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The Secret to Change

Learning to love the “unlovable” parts of you is the secret to change.

Want to improve your communication, lose weight, get control of your finances, be a better spouse, friend, or parent, or succeed in your job?

Love who you are RIGHT NOW.

This doesn't mean to be complacent. This doesn't mean that you don't need to improve. It means that you love yourself anyway right now as you are.

Love your rough edges, your mistakes, the stuff you said and did that you’re embarrassed about, your failures, your weight, your looks, your everything. Love it all. Accept it as it is.

Every time you judge yourself you create resistance and negative energy all around you and inside of your body.

When you create resistance, you unconsciously resist anything new. So, when you try to make improvements, you have an invisible wall around you that is resistant to change.

This keeps you stuck.

However, when you start loving yourself as is, that resistance and negative energy will be released.

Then you can make changes much more easily!

You won't have to push so hard or work so hard because you’re not working against your own negative energy!

Without self-judgement weighing you down, you can try new things without fear of failure.

Be gentle and compassionate towards YOU!

Cultivating these good feelings is where the real change begins!

Love you! Xoxo


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