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I Will Feel Better When…

We all have a tendency to want to remain the same while wanting circumstances around us to change.

Maybe we want things to be better in a relationship, or maybe we want things to be better at work, but the only constant you have is you.

If you want to feel better about anything, or get better at something, or if you want to feel better in a situation that you’re not ready to leave, you have the ability right here and now to begin changing your thoughts and your behaviors to align with where you want to go and not with where you have been.

You can make things better in your mind right now.

Be who you want to be “when things are better” right now.

Think thoughts that are for you and not against you.

Feel how it would be if you had things the way you wanted them to be and then act as if you have it that way.

You will be surprised how much better you will feel!

And, when you do this, the universe has a way of delivering to you a life that matches the vibration that you are putting out.

It always works. Trust the process.

Love you! Xoxo


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