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How To Have A Better Life Right Now

     “My life will get better when I…lose weight, pay off my debt, get a job I actually like, have more money, find someone who loves me, and when the world settles down and I don’t have to be afraid all the time.”


     Sound familiar?


     We all want a better life. A life where we are happy and safe, following our dreams, and free of the weight of the world. We crave fulfillment yet we can’t find it in any of the places we look. It is not in the books we read, the news we devour, or the social media that we consume. We are not truly fulfilled by our relationships, because no matter how good they might be, there is always a piece of us that is unreachable by someone else. So, what it is? What is the answer to satisfying our desire to have a better life? And also, how long will this take because we kind of need some help right now.


     What if I were to tell you that even with everything in your life exactly as it is right now, you could be happy and fulfilled? In fact, you could thrive just as you are, right where you are. No weight loss or new job necessary.


     How? Glad you asked. There is one thing you can use right now that will literally change how you see everything. It is within your complete control, free, and always with you. Give up? The key to a better life right now is to use your thoughts in a different way. The key to everything in your life is your THOUGHTS. Stay with me. This is where it gets good.


     Do me a favor. Take a quick look around you right now. Look at all your surroundings—the shoes you are wearing, the chair you are sitting on, look at everything. Now, what do those have in common? The one thing EVERYTHING has in common is that they first began as a thought. Because everything first begins as a thought. Your day begins with a thought. Your like or dislike of something begins with a single thought. Your thoughts create your mind’s perceptions of yourself and your world. Everything you love, hate, enjoy, and fear live only within your perceptions. No one has the exact same perceptions as you. The world you see is, quite literally, your own creation.


     When you consider all the perceptions you have built up over the years, it might seem impossible to believe that they were once just malleable thoughts strung together over time to become unconscious beliefs. But that is exactly what they are. And the best part about this knowledge is that your thoughts can be changed into new perceptions without having to “do” anything other than thinking a better thought that is aligned with how you want to feel right now.


     What this means is that instead of waiting for the weight loss, the debt to be paid, the better job, the fatter bank account, the love of your life, or the world to finally get its act together, you can create thoughts that feel good now.


     The easiest way to begin living a better life right now is to think of how you would feel if you had the thing that would finally make you happy. How would it feel to have that in your life? Let yourself feel it RIGHT NOW. How grateful do you feel? How excited are you? How motivated are you to live your life knowing you have the thing you have always wanted? Feel how good it feels to be aligned with the things that make you happy.


     Now, here is where your old perceptions get in the way. “It might feel good, but I don’t have it.” True, but that is just an old way of thinking which can be changed. You do not achieve a better life by chasing after a perception of lack because you have yet to receive it. Your better life starts the minute you allow yourself to be your thought creation, not be against it.


      When you shift your thoughts to feeling good in advance for what is coming to you, something magical happens. The universe matches your perception and begins delivering on what you are “being”. All of the sudden, you will find it easier to be healthy, to find value in your current job, to be lovable as you are. You will begin drawing to you, like a magnet, all the things that belong in your new better life. As you perceive yourself to be, so shall you be. Every time. Without fail.


     Living a better life right now, right where you are begins in your thoughts. Once you create your vision and how it makes you feel, you will become that creation. Spend time each day in your mind creating and feeling your better life. Then, allow yourself the freedom to live that vision. When you do this repeatedly, it will be become your perception. And before you know it, you are living your better life right now.



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