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Embracing the Present: The Key to Unlocking Inner Happiness

I get it—life’s busy. With work, family, and my book "Directed Thoughts: A New Way to Think About Thinking" out in the world, I've got a full plate too. But here’s a little secret: the magic of real happiness? It’s all about living in the now.


Here and Now: Your Happiness Unlocked


Our lives are a wild mix of to-dos and to-don’ts, and it's super easy to get tangled up in what’s next or what’s been. But when you stop for a moment and really soak in the now—that’s where you’ll find a sweet spot of peace and joy.


Let me break it down:


Why Today Matters:

Think of today as a gift—that's why it's called the 'present,' right? It's not about ditching memories or never planning ahead. It's about not letting those things steal your right now. Because this moment? It's your life happening.

In the midst of chasing deadlines and wrangling schedules, it's easy to miss the good stuff happening right this minute. Life's going on—right here, right now—and it's full of opportunities for joy and connection that we overlook when we're stuck on replay or fast-forward.

The Here and Now Power:

Embracing the moment is like a reset button. It clears the fog, brings things into focus, and lets you handle life with a calmer spirit. And yes, problems don't vanish, but dealing with them gets a whole lot easier.

Being present isn’t just feel-good fluff; it's practical magic. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your mood and outlook. It doesn’t zap away life's curveballs, but it gives you a clearer head and a steadier heart to catch them.


Being Present in Simple Steps:


  1. Mindful Breathing: I try to take a few minutes every day to pay attention to my breathing. Even if all you do is just 60 seconds, breathing mindfully is like a mini-vacation for your mind. Start with a minute or two several times a day.

  2. Gratitude: Every day, I jot down three things I'm thankful for. Try it; you’d be surprised how it can flip your mood. I also keep a small journal with me, easily found on Amazon, and write down the things I’m grateful for each day. It’s a game-changer for perspective.

  3. Sensory Check-In: Ever really notice the little things? The way your coffee smells, the feel of your keyboard, the sound of the birds outside? It’s grounding, and it brings the 'now' into sharp focus. Pause and just notice stuff—it’s all about the little details.

  4. Focus on One Thing: Multitasking? Overrated. Do one thing at a time and really give it your all. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with content and to-do lists, it's so important to focus your mind on one thing at a time. Doing one thing at a time isn’t just about doing it better—it’s about enjoying it more.


Life Isn't Slowing Down:


I think we both know there's no off switch for life’s craziness. But by trying to stay in the present, the journey to happiness gets a bit clearer. It's not about never having a bad day or feeling sad. It's about finding a way back to now when you start to drift away.

Let’s face it: we could all use a nudge to remind us to live a bit more in each moment. And if you’re like me, having the right tools makes all the difference. Consider picking up a copy of my Sunday Night Reminders journal from Amazon to guide you. It's my go-to for keeping myself on track each week.


Remember, living in the present isn’t a one-and-done deal—it’s a choice you make every single day. And by making that choice, you’re giving yourself the permission to lead an extraordinary life, no matter the ups and downs.


So, how about we make a pact? Let’s promise to give ourselves these moments—the real, the raw, the now. They’re what life's all about, after all. And if you’re looking to dive deeper, my book’s there to help you do just that. Here’s to living our best lives—one present moment at a time.




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