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Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Life

We become what we think about. We feel what we think about. And how we think and feel on the inside of us is what we perceive on the outside of us.

Our eyes are connected to our brains, so we literally see our perception in the world around us.

Your perception begins in your beliefs which began so long ago they seem normal.

Beliefs attach themselves to past experiences which contain emotion.

Our autopilot minds live in the past, whether it is a minute ago, or years ago, constantly pulling forth our beliefs, memories, and the emotions that go with them.

This creates our present moment perception.

So if you want to change your life or manifest anything, start with gently creating new beliefs and attaching positive emotion to those beliefs, which will create memories that now have positive emotion and positive beliefs.

Eventually, your perception starts to change, and then you start to see things differently. You are literally changing how you see the world!

When you see things differently, you receive them differently.

And pretty soon you are creating your life intentionally. 🙌🙌🙌

It all begins with a choice and a thought. 😍

Love you! Xoxo


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