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DirectedThoughts Quick Start Mindset Guide

Get off the emotional rollercoaster and take your mindset to the next level!

If you are exhausted from feeling up and then down, anxious from fighting your thoughts, or feeling like you get one step ahead and then take two steps back - this mindset guide is exactly for you. You want to feel happy, or at least more happy than not, you want to improve your mindset, but you can't find the "how".


Everything you read tells you to be happy, but nothing tells you how to do it, that is unless you want to read tons of books, try a new system, then try a new one, then try another new system, and keep trying. Well, you can feel better a lot faster than you think. I tried all the things and honestly, it is not as hard as you think. You can make changes immediately. You just need the 'How". This guide helps you start right now. 

For years, I tried all the systems and kept coming back to my same issues: I could not escape my messy chaotic past, shut down my negative autopilot thoughts, or get out from under the darkness (i.e. "just feel happy") long enough to ever make a difference. I suffered from depression and anxiety for decades. 


When I finally figured out the secret to how to do it, I overcame decades of negativity and depression and finally healed. I learned that applying these ten steps does not have to be perfect, just consistent. None of this is hard, and honestly, when you are feeling bad already, the last thing you want more of is hard! 

This mindset guide contains all of what you want and none of the fluff! I don't have time to mince words and you don't have time to waste.


You can read and put this information to work within hours. So go ahead and get started today! 

What Are They Saying About Quick Start?

"Everything in it so far seems like a light bulb going off...even though it is so simple."

"I will be revisiting this many times in life as I work on bettering myself and creating more happiness and positivity in my life."

"I also love how real you are...that there will be setbacks and that's okay and normal. Versus the go big or go home mentality that I think trips so many of us up when trying to make changes."

"... And just gets to the meat of it with how you can actually make the changes versus theory."

"Your book has really opened up the way I am looking and perceiving things and helped to put everything in a more healthy way. I catch myself when I hear the continuous loop start and make myself focus on right now. I am seeing the emotions I have attached to people's actions and memories and doing my best to deal with them. It's a slippery ground and I fall a lot but that little bit of light that I am seeing at the end of that long, dark, scary tunnel is worth it. I want out of this hole and you've given me the first hope of it being possible. Thank you so very much"


Tell me more:

This is the information I NEEDED when I first started my journey to become happy regardless of "life". I read so many books but the problem I always had with them was that my old autopilot negative thoughts would undermine me every time I tried to focus on being happy. I would fall into the same situation time and again - looking for those around me to change their behavior instead of me working on my own thoughts. It was always that other person, or the news, or how bad the world was, or how bad my job was, or how bad my life was...I finally figured out that it was how I chose to think about those things - not those actual things. And this ebook will put you on the path to showing you how to do the same thing. 


The Quick Start Mindset Guide will get you started thinking about your thoughts in a new way. Inside these pages, you will find ten basic steps that will help you to finally be consistently happy and attract the things you really want in life. Anyone can do what I have laid out here and experience positive results. This guide will help you to think your way into creating a life that you love - regardless of what is going on around you. One of the best things about these ten steps is that you can do this all on your own with no reliance on changing others in order for you to experience happiness. ​

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