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Coaching provides you with strategies to help you achieve your goals and holds you accountable for your growth. 

As a Mindset Coach, I will help you attain your positive thinking goals. Many of us are so immersed in negative thinking, we find it hard to be consistently happy. But, we should not be living in a worried, anxious mindset all of the time! A negative mindset harms our health, drains our energy, and attracts more negativity back to us. I have been in this loop. I was there for decades! And then I began pulling myself out of it by working on how I use my thoughts and making my peace a priority. I learned 10 steps that are so easy once you know them, you will wonder why you didn’t see them all along! I use these Ten Steps to Directed Thoughts as a guide to changing negative thinking to positive thinking.

However, sometimes there are some deeper issues that you may be struggling with such as past trauma or clinical depression, and those are more complex issues that should be treated by a therapist or healthcare clinician who specializes in treating mental health issues.


I can help you achieve your positive thinking goals but I cannot diagnose you or cure mental health issues. What I am teaching you is how to direct your thoughts to become more positive and attract more positive situations into your life. Regardless of the sources of help, you can always enjoy a life of less fear, worry, and anxiety by working on how you think.

Want more information?

Private Coaching

  • Helps you achieve your goals

  • Provides support

  • Inspires and motivates to action

  • Hold Accountable 

  • Encouragement

  • Focus on the now

  • Unlocking potential 

  • Getting past the internal obstacles such as ego, negativity

  • Helping you develop strategies to find your own answers 

  • Mentorship – guide to getting somewhere faster

  • Set concrete goals and remove negative thinking barrier

  • Start from today, present moment focused 

  • How to do it

  • Helps you heal

  • Diagnosis of mental disorders, mental illness

  • Prescribes medications (when necessary)

  • Analyzes the past 

  • Helps to heal past traumas – Rape, Sexual Abuse, Grief, Trauma

  • Helps to repair relationships 

  • Work through depression, anxiety, PTSD

  • Why it happened

  • Depression/Anxiety or disorders that cause an inability to function in daily life, cause harm, cause hospitalization 

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Take time to consider your goals. Are you serious about learning how to think positively and attracting more happiness and peace into your life? Or are you trying to heal from past trauma? There is always a place for positive thinking along with any other work you are doing. Use the information above to determine your path.

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