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Finally! My new book is out now and I could not be more excited for you to read it! Check it out!

My name is Kat Artemis and I am a Thought Coach and a Wayshower. I show you the path to inner happiness and peace, how to connect with your source, and how to love yourself. 

I started DirectedThoughts on Instagram four years ago as my way to help others learn how to think thoughts that were for them instead of against them. My teachings are based on my own personal healing journey that has taken place over the course of the past twenty years. You see, before that I spent nearly three decades battling depression, anxiety, and fear. 


Everyday we consume images and words that scare us, depress us, traumatize us, cause us to feel unsafe, unloved, unworthy, and disconnected from life. This negativity comes at us from every direction with how scary and depressing the world is, how we are not good enough, how sick and unhealthy we are, and how the next major disaster is lurking just around the corner. We have relationship issues, money problems, and job insecurity. For so many of us, life is a never-ending assault on our thoughts and emotions from which we rarely get a break.

I believe people are waking up and realizing that this toxic negativity is harming their lives just like I did all those years ago. It does not serve us! Nothing that makes us feel drained and sad is ever the answer. It is time to learn a new way to think because what we are doing is not working.

But how? That is the question I always get. How do we go from a life that is constantly rocked by negativity to having true inner happiness? 

DirectedThoughts: A New Way to Think About Thinking, will teach you how to take control and direct your thoughts to where you want them to go instead of letting your mind runaway with negative thoughts, unchecked and on autopilot all day, draining your energy, and creating chaos in your mind.

You will learn how to get out of the toxic mindset loop, as well learn simple methods of getting into the present moment and choosing your thoughts. Yes, you can actually choose what to think about and it does not have to be the painful past or worrisome future!


This book will teach you how spot the negativity coming at you, redefine and heal painful memories, learn how to use your inner voice, and use gratitude and love to intentionally manifest your best life. 


The Ten Steps of DirectedThoughts in this book are incredibly simple to grasp yet extremely powerful in their ability to enact the mindset shift you need to live a happy and abundant life. Each step is a new tool in your mindset tool belt!

Literally, this is everything I wish someone would have told me when I started my own healing journey sixteen years ago. You never again will need to rely on anything or anyone else to change so that you can feel better. This book is all you need. 

You can manifest your best life. You just need the tools to do it. 

Love you. xoxo

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The 10 Steps to DirectedThoughts

Understanding Negativity

Learning to be in the Present Moment

How to Choose Your Thoughts

Redefining Meanings that No Longer Serve You

Understanding Your Past

Learning Real Forgiveness

Using Your Inner Voice and Affirmations


Trust Creates Belief

Love and Gratitude

Creating Intentional Attraction

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