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A New Way to Think About Thinking

Take control of your thoughts, create your own happiness, and manifest your best life

Deceptively simple. Uniquely powerful. The Ten Steps to DirectedThoughts are the key to cultivating true happiness and peace—no matter what is going on around you.

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The Power of Me

Don't miss Courageous Transformation: How to Lean into Change and Use It to Transform Your Life, featuring Kat Artemis’ incredible journey of resilience, transformation, and personal growth.


Sunday Scaries

After countless requests, it's finally here! My Sunday Night Reminders journal will help you start the week with positive intentions and powerful thoughts instead of anxiety. Get your copy now!



Ten Steps to DirectedThoughts

Mastering these simple steps is the key to unlocking your limitless potential. Download your free guide and start putting them into practice today.

“It is never too late to begin anew. Your authentic self is just waiting for you to embrace her.” 

- Kat Artemis

Kat's Journal

Personal experiences, prompts, and musings to inspire you on your journey to more powerful thinking

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